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Unconditional Love Poems

by Jason on July 26, 2011

I had to write this unconditional love poem because there is such a lack of understanding on what real love is. Love is unconditional. Love with conditions is no love at all.

Unconditional Love

I’ve been running around my whole life
Seeking for that which I cannot find
Seeking for unconditional love and approval
In all the places which it cannot be found

I look for approval in the work that I do
I look for love in my addictions
I look for praise for a job well done
I look for validation that I’m doing it right

I look for money as proof of my value
I look to make a difference so I feel I’m worth it
I look to achieve as evidence I’m good enough
I look for prestige so I can win the comparison

I look for love in all of these things
Because I do not know where love can be found
All because I’ve been taught love is conditional
Based on outside evidence or occurence

Based on the opinions of others
Based on achievement, money or fame
Based on the approval or validation of others
Based on fulfilling unfulfilled emotional needs

But true unconditional love
Needs no evidence
Not from achievement, not from wealth
Not from approval, not from fame

Not from validation, not from a job well done
Not from making a profound difference
Not from being a man and supporting the family
Not from the title on my desk

Not from all the people I’ve helped
Not from the responsibility I’ve taken
Not from my talents, my smarts or my strength
Not from any outside evidence around me

Because love itself is truly unconditional
Love with conditions is not love
But the exact opposite of love
Which lies and deceives us while imitating love

Love with conditions is the sin of the world
Love with evidence causes all the world’s major problems
Love with proof causes all the pain you’ll ever feel
Love with judgement is the killer of your soul

Unconditional love is the only love there is
Unconditional love is redundant
But bears repeating for the lack of understanding
That all the world’s problems would be solved

With unconditional love

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Trina July 26, 2011 at 7:36 am

This is so profound, It was a story I have told myself as I awoke today, Today I will read this and remind myself. I am whole and complete.

Much love,


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