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Sad Poems That Make You Cry – I Love You, Mom

by Jason on June 13, 2011

Life is filled with happiness and sadness, joy and misery, pleasure and pain.  I’ve written sad poems that make you cry about experiences in my life that have been difficult for me.  I’ve written about the painful times, moments of emptiness and frustration and so forth.  This poem is about my mom and what I wish I would have said to her all these years.

I Love You, Mom

I knew you always loved me
Even though I could never feel your love
On the same page, in the same galaxy
We’ve never seemed to reside

The years of unspoken words
Agreeing with frustration to disagree
The pain and emptiness haven’t gone away
Wishing I was able to express how I felt

I knew you loved me, and Mom, I love you too
I wish you could see me underneath it all
I wish you could see how I feel
I wish it wasn’t all about what you wanted for me

I have feelings too
My thoughts matter too
I wish you would support me in what I want
Instead of wanting me to do what you want

Your trust is all I’ve ever wanted
Your belief in me I’ve always hoped for
Your respect I’ve never demanded
Never speaking up for myself

I want you to treat me like your son
I wish you would support my own direction
I wish you would love me for who I am
And not for who you want me to be

Don’t punish me and make me wrong
For not doing what you want
Don’t tell me I’m being a bad son
If I don’t get in line with your commands

What I want matters too
I have opinions to offer
I have my own sense of direction
I am a capable human being too!

Don’t treat me like an incompetent fool
Who needs to be taken care of
Who can barely take care of himself
Let alone his wife and kids

If with respect you can’t treat me
If honor and trust you can’t give me
If love unconditional you can’t offer
Then I your son no longer can be

From afar I will always love you
My loyalty for you will always be there
But my loyalty up until now
Has been a disservice to both you and me

I’ve had a mother in body
But I’ve never felt a mother in spirit
The tender caring, the sweet respite
The haven of love and security

All that you would expect from motherly love
For me a repressive dungeon has been
Suffocating my soul and locking up my spirit
Destroying my being at every chance of escape

A haven of loving maternity
I’ve never had the chance to experience
Instead defenses and walls I’ve needed
With sturdy running shoes

After all these years I’ve finally returned
A man, grown up, confident and strong
Hoping to be treated as such
And not like I had been before

To my chagrin and to my hopes shattered
The treatment is still the same as before
No matter the evidence to the contrary
No matter the voice of reason

In your eyes I will always be
The incompetent son who needs to be taken care of
The clueless son who will always need your support and guidance
The irresponsible son who can’t even be trusted with small simple matters

I love you, Mom
I’ve always loved you
I’ve always sought to be close to you
Just as you’ve always sought to be close to you

But distance is what I need from you
As I heal this hole in my heart
As I come to grips with the love I won’t have
And I accept you and your judgements as they are

From afar, I can still love you
My heart will always love you
No matter how much I try to stop it
No matter the anger you spark in me

But our current relationship I cannot have
As it is, I want no part of it
I must go now and heal my wounds
I must find love anew where I could not find it before

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