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Poems About Making Mistakes

by Jason on February 13, 2011

Why do mistakes feel like daggers to my heart?
I’ve read the books, I know what I should do
Each mistake is a stepping stone, a learning tool
To cause my evolution to unfold

Society told me when I was a lad
That mistakes I was not allowed to make
Perfection I was taught to seek
Avoiding mistakes I was taught to embrace

Making mistakes at first was my stumbling block
Spiraling me down into despair and misery
Until I learned I could be imperfect
And that I didn’t have to get it right the first time

Shame and regret I didn’t have to feel
Guilt and heaviness were false lies as well
Mistakes don’t need further accompaniment
By feelings of shame, guilt or worthlessness

Making mistakes should instead be praised
Making mistakes should bring you joy
Making mistakes means you now have the key
To get it right the next time coming

No one can possibly get it right the first time
No one can be good enough when just beginning
No one can be perfect because we are not omnipotent
No one can be everything because it’s not needed

Let yourself so shine within your mistakes
And let your errors be your fodder
For cultivating your strength, confidence and success
For mistakes are the key ingredient towards perfection and achievement

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