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Integrity Poems

by Jason on July 27, 2011

I’ve written my thoughts about integrity in this following integrity poem. This is by no means complete, but it contains my initial thoughts based on recent experience.

Integrity Poem

Hypocrisy, lying, deception
I have been guilty of one time or another
Most of the time unaware
Justifying my stance and position

Integrity is simply matching
My actions to previous words I’ve spoken
Integrity demands no declaration
Integrity arrives without words

Integrity never accuses
Integrity never makes demands
Integrity has no voice
Integrity takes no position

Integrity has nothing to lose
Integrity requires no concessions
Integrity stands on its own
Regardless of outside circumstances

Integrity bows not to attacks
Integrity heeds not approval of others
Integrity cannot be persuaded
Integrity cannot be reasoned with

Integrity cuts through all lies
Integrity cuts through all words
Integrity builds trust through and through
Integrity builds trust in myself

Integrity knows not rejection
Integrity knows not accusation
Integrity knows not persuasion
Integrity knows not reasoning

Integrity stands its own
Its only living purpose
To uphold the soul inside
What I know to be true of myself

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