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Encouragement Poems

by Jason on January 15, 2011

I am a sucker for support and encouragement poems and quotes.  I love writing them.  I love reading them.  I consider myself a man with my own direction, but I also feel I am connected with my heart.  In my early 20′s I knew the direction I wanted to take, but I was so overcome with fear and hopelessness that I didn’t believe I could succeed.

The support and encouragement I received from my friends were so pivotal for me in my life.  It was from loving support and my own determination that I saw how valuable I was and I found the strength to keep going.  It seems the topic I write most about is anything inspiring or encouraging about life.  This poem of encouragement here was written when I was in the midst of my struggle.  Please enjoy the other encouraging poems on this website as well.

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The Epic Battle

The battle rages deep into the night
As I struggle against my unknown foe
Lurking is he somewhere in the shadows
Where is he? Who is he? What is it?

I continue in fear with my true love in mind
Who waits as the reward for victory
My shield and sword I wield to protect
With helmet and mask, armor on tight

I hear steps approaching, and I turn…
A rustling as I tense…then silence…
A faint voice calling as I listen…
A movement in the dark as I squint…

A sudden bright light shocks my senses
I flail my sword from gut-wrenching panic
Every cell on edge ready to kill
The enemy I’ve fended off for now

Tiptoeing carefully along
I soon encounter a wall
In silence I turn to the left
Only to be met by an obstacle again

I attempt to pass to the right
I feel an impassable barrier forming
I retreat back feeling something cold to the touch
Realizing my enclosure is complete

I hear the breathing inside with me
My enemy a companion within the walls
I prepare for my final battle
Knowing this might be the end

The footsteps are close, so I swing…
Then from behind, I twirl around…
To the right…to the left…behind me and in front
The thundering noise reverberating and encompassing all around me

Within these walls my end will come
Like a helpless baby I feel
About to be consumed by my enemy’s power
On the floor I shrivel up ready to die

In despair I cry, “What do you want?”
The voice, next to my ear, whispers to me
“Drop your weapon, your shield, your armor and mask”
Knowing death is near, I comply

The sword, the shield, the armor, the helmet
In defeat I surrender, taking in one last breath
My whole life flashes before me
My last breath feels like an eternity

As the mask comes off, light begins to flood the room
To my utter surprise I come to see
My hidden enemy was me…
The me I always wanted to be

My defense was my insecurities
The darkness my fears, the walls my memories
The sword was my anger
The shield and armor to protect me from love

The nightmare was my hand-crafted reality
I built especially for me
While the me I wanted to be
Was trying to break through to my heart

I fought for years, struggling in the dark
I only won when I surrendered
When I let go of what I held dear
I had the power before, I did not know

A long time to learn, to become
But the reward was worth the pain
I conquered my biggest enemy, which was me
So I could be prepared for you

–Jason Westlake
April 2005

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