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Encouragement Poems When You Want to Give Up

by Jason on February 2, 2011

Some of the yuckiest feelings you can experience are guilt, shame, despair and hopelessness. But the only emotional state that is the worst of all is when you want to give up, when your heart shuts down. When you close yourself off to growth, to possibility that life could be different, to opening your heart, that’s when you lose everything.

That’s when nothing can help you. Not love words from those around you. Not encouragement poems. Not teachers, friends or family. When you remain closed, everything bounces off your walls. The one thing that has the power to save you is your own openness and willingness. Not even God Himself can save you without your own permission. You give that permission through your openness and willingness.

The hardest place to remain open is when you want to give up, when you are in despair. Because it’s in those moments when you feel like nothing is impossible, when you feel like God has abandoned you, when you truly feel like not even God Himself can help you. You feel incredibly stuck, like there’s no other option other than giving up. You may even be feeling like you want to give up on life.

But I beg you and implore you to not give up just yet. As the song goes, “Hold on For One More Day.” I ask you to open your heart just the tiniest fraction. Love is infinite around you and within you. Love, hope and possibility are already infinite within you and around you giving you life right now. Closing off your heart is what seals your fate as you are and stamps you to remain in your current state or spiral even worse.

You don’t have to create love. You don’t have to go all the way to India to go get it or do miraculous things to find hope and possibility again. All you have to do is open your heart just the tiniest fraction. Because love, hope and possibility are like a huge dam ready to burst. Love is trying to flood your heart right now and at all moments attempting to overwhelm you. You don’t have to go seeking for it. You just have to open your heart the tiniest bit, and it will come flooding in. It may be incredibly painful at first, but love is the healing anecdote.

Above all, don’t give up just yet. Open your heart. Stay open to possibility. Keep your willingness to grow and learn right next to you for just a bit longer. And you’ll soon begin to see love and possibility creep back in to your life.

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