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Commitment Poem

by Jason on February 27, 2011

It seems in my life that I have a switch where I am either on or off.  There’s no in between for me.  No matter the motivational quotes or speeches I hear, nothing can motivate me if my switch is off.  I finally learned what flips that switch for me and what I believe flips that switch for most people.  And that is Commitment.

Commitment Poem

Commitment wrenches you by the gut
And throws you into action
Commitment heals your fear and doubt
Because you have no other option

Commitment causes your intentions to manifest
Even if you don’t believe they can happen
Commitment trumps disbelief
Because you have no other option

Whether you believe or whether you don’t
Doesn’t really matter anyway
If the dam is bursting you’re telling everyone
Whether you believe you can or you can’t

No matter how many people are there
No matter if they don’t listen to you
No matter what your fears and doubts are
You’re going to tell them the dam is bursting

Why? Because of commitment which comes by choice
Which you always have power to access
No matter your fear, no matter your doubt
No matter the excuses you have

No matter how you argue the evidence against
Or can’t see past the impossibility
Commitment transforms the seemingly impossible
Into reality right before your eyes

What you thought you could never do
What you spent many years avoiding
A moment passes, a switch gets flipped
And you surprise the crap out of yourself

Commitment fuels your soul and drives your purpose
Commitment can turn your life upside-down
Commitment is the difference between
Your dreams becoming reality or being dashed

Skill, talent, ability, capacity
Fear, doubt, worry, procrastination
Resistance, obstacles, opposition, naysayers
Impossibility, disbelief, and never been done

Are no match for commitment
Are no match for the choice that is yours
Commitment wins every time
Commitment is the trump card in the game of life

The reason why any dream gets fulfilled
Is not because of talent or skill
Or being born in the right place with the right parents
But because of the committed individual

Even if you don’t know how to do something
Even if you consider yourself a fool
And don’t know how your goals could ever get done
Your commitment still wins every time

With commitment, the answers appear
The path soon becomes clear
Through action despite your mistakes
And Divinity aligns on your side

Things you didn’t know how they could happen
Seem to occur outside of your hands
To help you along your path
People show up, opportunities arise

That otherwise would not have shown up
Unless your commitment you had made
Unless the intention you had set
To commit to your desired purpose

So when you want to create something new
When you have dreams unfulfilled
Remember the path to achievement
Comes only by, through and because of commitment

-Jason Westlake

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suaad February 12, 2013 at 5:55 pm

oh awesome for what i wanted thanks very much lol lol


Charito A. Zamora June 1, 2013 at 7:44 am

Great poem on commitment! I just thought this would help to encourage my staff work with deep commitment. May I request permission to print this poem in my agency’s gazette?



Jason October 15, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Yes, you have permission to print this. Thank you for your comments…


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