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Believe in Yourself Poem

by Jason on February 26, 2011

How can you possibly believe in yourself
When you just don’t believe in yourself?
How do you believe you can do it
When you feel so certain you can’t?
How can you gain the certainty of belief
When the certainty of disbelief is all you have?

The belief is still there, however deeply buried
The belief and the certainty still exist
You can be certain of this reality
Because of your questioning and belief doubting
You and I both know you can feel the belief
You just don’t know how to drill through the layers

Your layers can shed in an instant
Those long held beliefs grooved in their ruts
Can dissolve with the secret potion
Of penetrating love, the power greatest of all
And a dose of belief you can’t grasp just yet
From another who has journeyed the path

If you can’t believe in yourself just yet
Then take the time to believe in another
Offer what it is you never received
And you’ll find your belief increasing
Accept the message of this poem
Accept the belief I open to you

For years I could not believe in myself
No matter how much work I struggled through
No matter the therapy or desire invested
Nothing could help me move forward
And if after years of a dungeon residing
If I can leave my prison behind

Then you, in the depths of disbelief
Wallowing in the throws of hopelessness
Have the same power just as I do
The power of belief veiled underneath
The lies you’ve been telling yourself
The power to do as you please

I know you hear the whisper inside
However faint the voice may be calling you
The voice continues to nag at you
Calling you to remember your true nature
No matter how muffled by your layers
Or dulled by your stifling emotions

For a small moment I ask of you
To cede your barriers and open a crack
To permit a small trickle to enter
And experience a drop of that voice
Let your heart open to what the voice tells you
For that whisper is your true voice of belief

And if you can taste just one drop of that voice
You may soon feel a flood rushing in
To fill your heart with the belief you’ve been craving
Even though at bay your belief has been held
Not by some outside imaginary force
But from within your self-created walls

Once you experience the flood of belief
Or even the tiniest sprinkling of taste
You replenish your body with its spiritual blood
Your soul’s lifeline to grow and expand
Your mind’s ability to believe in yourself
Your body’s capacity to create that belief

You may experience a rush of emotion
I experienced my tears overwhelming
And my fears quelled instantaneously
I felt a lifeline was given to me
Please accept the lifeline and open your heart
And you’ll find belief seeping slowly inside you

-Jason Westlake

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